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Does The Black Mamba Have Two Years Left In His Tank?


On Monday, Kobe Bryant signed a two year contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. Sources say that the deal is worth $48.5 million. Although this is a bit of a pay cut, Bryant at age 35 is still the highest paid player in the NBA. It is said that the Mamba will receive $23.5 million in the first year and $25 million in the second year of this extension. Their salary agreement will allow the Lakers some financial flexibility to pursue a top free-agent next summer.

Certainly it's great to see the Lakers honor the face of their franchise in Kobe Bryant. But the news of this contract extension may cause some to ask, "Does The Black Mamba have two years left in his tank? When you think about, Kobe has been in the league for 17 years, that's thousands of miles up and down the court. Now of course no one can question the Mamba's toughness, his work ethic, or his competitive edge. However, there have been many great athletes that have not been able to defy father time.

Currently, Kobe Bryant has returned to practice since tearing his achilles tendon last season. The Lakers have no set time on Kobe's return, although some believe that he is ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, at this point in his career, do you think that The Black Mamba have two years left in his tank?

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