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Paul George - A Young Kobe Bryant

Paul George

Certainly, Paul George is his own man, and he is a star in the NBA in his own right. On Wednesday night, at Madison Square Garden, George put up a career high performance (35 Pts, 5 Reb, 4 Ast, 5 Stl, 2 Blk ) in the Pacers overtime win against the New York Knicks.

And almost like clockwork, when a player reaches stardom in the NBA, he begins to be compared to other NBA Greats. For example, Lebron James is constantly being compared to Michael Jordan. Kevin Durant has been compared to George "The Iceman" Gervin. In recent weeks, Chris Paul (CP3) has been compared to "Magic" Johnson. Needless, there is nothing wrong with any of this whether the comparison is far or not, it's all apart of the game.

So, as Paul George continues to make a name for himself, and his star power continues to rise, perhaps it's time to compare George to one of the NBA Greats. And although this particular player is still playing, it is without certain that he will go down as one the legends of the NBA, and that player is Kobe Bryant. And when you watch Paul, notice he his game compares to that of a young Kobe Bryant. Now, before you disagree, here are 3 ways that Paul George compares to a young Kobe Bryant:

1. Paul George is a lethal jump shooter like a young Kobe Bryant:

George has become a lethel jump shooter from mid-range, and beyond the ark. He can shot the turn around jump shot, as well as, pull up off the dribble. And when you watch him, notice how smooth he is, it will remind you of a young Kobe Bryant.

2. Paul George is an explosive finisher like a young Kobe Bryant:

This is one several monster dunks that George had against the Miami Heat in the 2013 Eastern Conference Final. In this picture he exploded on Anthony and Bosh. He also caught the "Birdman" under rim, and almost sat on his shoulder. George is extremely explosive, and when Kobe was younger it was nothing for him to dunk on somebody.

3. Paul George is a clutch performer like a young Kobe Bryant:

Against the Knicks on Wednesday, George dominated the second half, and overtime. He refused to let the Indiana Pacers lose. When he was fouled on 3-point shot attempt at the end of regulation, George went to line, and made 3 huge free throws, sending the game into OT. And in overtime, Paul George led the Pacers to victory as Indiana pulled out a 103-96 win Wednesday night over the New York Knicks. Here is a quote from Paul George after the game in reference to his performance, "I wanted to attack," he said. Certainly this expression ought to remind you of Kobe. So the next time you watch Paul George in action, see if he reminds you of a young Kobe Bryant.

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Please leave any questions, or comments that you have, and share this... - See more at: /posts#sthash.k6tKT2lE.dpuf 

Please leave any questions, or comments that you have, and share this... - See more at: /posts#sthash.k6tKT2lE.dpuf