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"We Live In A Fish Bowl." - Bobby Bowden

City In A Fish Bowl

Oftentimes, Coach Bowden used this expression ("We live in a fish bowl") to illustrate to us that everything we did, somebody was watching. He tried to keep this thought before us, to remind us that we ought to behave ourselves wisely, and stay away from situations that even looked wrong. And of course some of us took heed, and some of us didn't. However, I believe that most of us understood the point that he was trying to make.

Last night, I was reading another article about the allegations that have been brought against FSU's redshirt freshman quarterback, and 2013 Heisman candidate hopeful, Jameis Winston. And all of a sudden, this thought came rushing to my mind, we live in a fish bowl. And in that very moment, it dawned on me, that Winston, and the #2 ranked Seminoles lead by head coach Jimbo Fisher have been plunged into "The Fish Bowl Life" like never before, whether voluntary or involuntary.

Prior to the allegations against Winston, the highly talented quarterback was already receiving major national attention for his spectacular play on the field, that has resulted in him being nominated for several College Football Awards, and with the resurgence of Florida State as a national championship contender, "Jameis Winston" had become a household name for all the right reasons. But as the tide of these allegations continue to rise, one can only hope and pray that these allegations become nothing more than water on a duck's back for Winston, his family, and the entire Seminoles Nation.

Personally, I thought long and hard about not writing on this story, because I don't know what happened. But since I have gone against my better judgment, let me say that, "I simply hope that the allegations that have been brought against this young man (Jameis Winston) are false, and that he is able to move on with his life, even though it will be like living in a fish bowl." 

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P.S. Special thanks to Coach Bobby Bowden, for the simple wisdom he tried to share with us to make us better men!