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As college football fans, perhaps you've heard fans of SEC (South Eastern Conference) schools talk about the difficult schedules that their teams have to play within the conference. Or perhaps you've heard them brag about the fact that a SEC team has won the last seven BCS National Championship. There are those who have gone so far as to say, "The team that wins the SEC Championship this year will go on to win the National Championship." And of course this has been the case for almost a decade. Now, perhaps you're a fan of a team (or nowadays teams) in the SEC, and you've been guilty of bragging about the SEC in recent years, whatever the case may be, here are three reasons why all fans of SEC teams don't have bragging rights.

1. Championship Success Has Not Been Conference Wide

Of the 14 teams in the SEC, only four schools have had their share of the National Championship in the last seven years. Those teams are the: Alabama Crimson Tide (3 titles), Auburn Tigers (1 title), Florida Gators (2 titles), and LSU Tigers (1 title). This means that, 10 out of the 14 SEC schools (now including Texas A&M and Missouri) have not won a National Championship of their own since the beginning of this SEC's college football championship run which started back in 2006. Mathematically speaking, 71% of SEC schools have not won a title within this seven year period, many of which have struggled to have a winning record. Therefore, fans of teams like the: Georgia Bulldogs (sorry Coach Richt), Kentucky Wildcats, South Carolina Gamecocks, and Tennessee Volunteers etc. really don't have much to brag about when it comes to SEC football, because they have not won a championship in the last seven years. Furthermore, there are teams in the SEC that may never win a National Championship.
 2. Championship Or Bust

Many fans of SEC football teams that have not won the championship in recent years have a tendency to look for moral victories by bragging on the conference (SEC) as a whole. Most of them do this to try to negate the fact that their team(s) have had very little success in recent years. For example, at this particular barber shop in Knoxville, TN, one of the barbers there is a die hard UT Fan (University of Tennessee). Now it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to know that UT Football hasn't been up to par for some time now. But instead of him being quite about the matter, this guy insists on bragging on the SEC, as if the Vols have made a major contributions to the SEC's football success in recent years. So many fans have lower their expectations of their teams, and have elected to brag on the conference when it should be championship or bust. In other words, if your team does not win the national championship that season should be a bust regardless of what conference their in.

3. Championship Teams And Their Fans Brag On The Team

For the most part, the fans of the teams in the SEC that have won a National Championship during SEC's dominant run don't brag on the conference, nor do they have too, because their team has won the title. And when your team has won the title, you don't brag on the conference, you brag on the team. However, if the fans of those championship teams want to brag on the SEC surely they have a right too. But if you're not a fan of the: Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, Florida Gators, and/or LSU Tigers you really don't have bragging rights when it comes to the SEC's championship reign.



    4 out of 7 teams have won a championship during a 7 year span. Any intellectual person would realize this number indicates there is a majority of different teams winning championships compared to the number of years in the span. Yet, your anti-SEC bias truly comes out in your next sentence. "That means 10 of the 14 teams have not won a championship over this 7 year span." Would you please tell me how it would possible for the other 10 teams to win a championship during this 7 year span? Please put some thought into your "sports analysis."

    First of all Michael thank you for your comment :)))! There are more than "7 teams in the SEC." Of course only 1 team can win the championship per year. I'm not "anti-SEC," but I am tired of fans bragging on the SEC when their team hasn't won anything. No, 10 teams could not have won the championship in 7 years, but all of them had their chance, and only 4 teams won it.

    One thing is for sure. YOUR team, what ever excuse for a football team you follow, has won no title in the past years either. Stop whining. You sound like a Boise Donk fan.

    Hahaha! Hey Chris, thanks for your comment! I'm not whining, I'm for FSU, and yes we have been down for a while, but we're back. And when FSU wins the title this year, you won't read about me bragging on the conference. We won the championship in 1999, we bragged on our team, not the conference. The Duke and Carolina are great basketball schools, when they win the title in basketball, you won't here me bragging about ACC basketball.

    I agree that people do take too much pride in the SEC. I'm an Auburn fan and I do not necessarily promote the SEC. Is it currently the best conference, yeah probably, but you're right a lot of Arkansas and Tennessee fans and other teams like that always seem to talk about how great the SEC is an forget to mention who they root for. However, some of the teams you mentioned in the first point are solid teams and they have added something to the SEC. They add depth and competition, some of those teams are pretty solid. UGA and South Carolina have been consistently good teams in recent history. But, you are right. Not all of the SEC is top notch, as a matter of fact the majority isn't. BTW, I'm a FSU fan by marriage and I'm really impressed with them. Winston is incredible and if you face Bama in the NCG I will be rooting for you!

    Wow, great post Dayton! I'm glad you really understand where I'm coming from! As for the teams that are solid in the SEC like Georgia/South Carolina, I'm specifically talking about them not having won a National Championship. I know that they have made major contributions in other aspects. Besides, I cheer for GA from a distance, because Mark Richt recruited me to Florida State! A Nole by marriage, that's funny! Do you think that Auburn has a chance against Bama??? I think so, especially at home, but it will be tought...

    Yeah, I think Auburn does have a chance. Coach Malzahn has done a great job of not showing a whole lot of our playbook against teams we've handled. I think Bama and UGA are both going to make us pass more and Nick Marshall can do that too. When MSU stopped Auburn's running game Marshall threw for 339 yards. Bama and UGA are going to both be tough, but Auburn can pull it out if all the cards fall just right. However, if we do lose I don't be devastated this season is already unbelievable, after last years miserable showing. I sure do hope Auburn can pull Bama outta the title game by beating them in the Iron Bowl!!! War Eagle!

    A lot people are saying that Marshall is not a duel threat QB. You bring out an interesting point in that he threw for 339 yards against Mississippi State. I know you guys want to beat Georgia this Saturday, and especially Alabama in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it all, keep in touch!

    Yeah, people like to forget about Mississippi State game, the 224 yards against LSU, or the the 236 yards against Texas A&M. People only remember what's fresh in there minds. The fact that he's only thrown 16 passes in the last 3 games makes people think he lacks the ability to throw. We simply haven't had to throw the ball. I hope UGA and Bama both don't respect his arm, because he is completely capable to shred secondaries.

    I like it, I like it!!! Listen, I'm of the mindset that if a team(s) can't stop you from doing something, keep doing it. In Auburn's case, it been their running game recently. UT obviously couldn't stop your running attack so you kept running. Again I say you bring out a great point in previous game, when teams were able to slow down your running attack, Marshall was able to throw the ball. And you're right, hopefully they will sleep on your passing, and allow for some big plays through the air. Man this is exciting, I'm all in!!! Thanks, Dayton!!!

    You guys are really over-complicating this..

    I am a Vandy Alum, and, even though we are on the uptick, we were considered the joke of the SEC for quite some time (and still are by some). However, if an SEC team faces a non-SEC team the national championship game, I will cheer for the SEC team every time.

    Why? Because it doesn't just make our conference LOOK better, it actually MAKES us better. Better recruiting, better tv coverage, more dollars etc. If you survive and win the SEC Championship you are more than likely going to the National Championship game (unless you are Auburn). How many other conferences can say that in the past decade?

    Do I love Tennessee and Florida? Hell no! But I would rather than see them hoist the Crystal Bowl over Oregon or OSU any day.

    Its not complicated :(

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