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2013 Dr. Pepper SEC Championship Game: "A Straight Shootout"

The first half of the 2013 Dr. Pepper SEC Championship Game in Atlanta between #3 Auburn Tigers and #5 Missouri Tigers has been a straight shootout. Whether it's Auburn's rushing attack with Tre Mason (nearing 200 rushing yards), or Missouri's air attack with their stable of big receivers, neither team's defense has been able to stop the opposing offense. Auburn leads at the half, 28-27.   

Nick Saban On ESPN College GameDay


Nick Saban, the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team made a guest appearance on ESPN College GameDay today. Apparently, Saban has nothing else to do since Alabama is not playing in SEC Championship Game in Atlanta later on today. So he traveled to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana to be apart of the College GameDay Show sponsored by The Home Depot. While on the set, Saban gave his perspective on several games, but he refused to predict a winner of any of the games in question. The though of Saban being on GameDay was news in Tuscaloosa on

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Is FSU's Kelvin Benjamin The Next Megatron?

No doubt FSU's Kelvin Benjamin is set on becoming his own man, but in the world of sports, making comparisons comes with the territory. And after what may very well have been his breakout performance against their arch rivals the Florida Gators, FSU's RS Sophomore wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin looked as if he might be the next Megatron (Calvin Johnson #81 WR Detroit Lions). Now, one might be tempted to think that this is not a legitimate comparison, but if you compare the two receivers early on in their college careers, and consider Benjamin's potential to put up All-American numbers next season with Jameis Winston as his quarterback, this comparison makes plenty of sense. Notice these 5 factors that compare Kelvin Benjamin to Calvin Johnson when he was at Georgia Tech...

1. THEIR SIZE - based on their bios, both their Height/Weight are pretty much the same...

Kevin Benjamin at Florida State: 6-5/234
Calvin Johnson at Georgia Tech: 6-5/235

- as for their speed, research shows that it's safe to say that Johnson was probably faster than Benjamin in college, yet Benjamin is still respectfully fast, and has room to improve in this area...

Benjamin's 40 yard dash: 4.4s - 4.6s
Johnson's 40 yard dash: 4.35s (NFL Combine)  

3. THEIR SKILL - although Benjamin has shown some inconsistencies with his work ethics, and hands; no one can question the level of skill that this young man has much like Calvin Johnson especially in their ability to get the ball. Both Benjamin and Johnson have highlights of them going up and snatching the ball out of mid-air, using their big frames, and jumping ability, leaving defenders helpless. Take a look at these brief videos, and notice their skill...

Kelvin Benjamin's Highlights on YouTube:

Calvin Johnson's GT Highlights on YouTube:

4. THEIR STRENGTH - it's no question that both of these guys are big receivers, even on the collegiate level. And with their size comes amazing strength. If you watched the videos, you saw both Benjamin and Johnson in beast mode, just throwing DBs off of them. Furthermore, both of them have displayed tremendous leaping ability, and strong hands when catching the football. As a matter of fact, Duke's Head Coach, David Cutcliffe had this to say about Kelvin Benjamin as they prepare to face FSU in the the 2013 Dr. Pepper ACC Championship Game, "We don't have anybody that can line up and match up physically with Benjamin," he said. "He's just a monster, and with great skills (Mike Huguenin)."   

5. THEIR STATS - in their first two years on the field, both Benjamin and Johnson put up some impressive numbers with Johnson having a slight edge over Benjamin in catches/yards at this point (Benjamin's RS Sophomore season is not over). However, Benjamin has already caught more touchdowns than Johnson did in their first two years on the field...

Kelvin Benjamin: 75 catches 1333 yards 16 TDs

Calvin Johnson: 102 catches 1725 yards 14 TDs 

Now of course as a JR, Calvin Johnson dominated College Football at Georgia Tech, setting school records, winning awards, being recognized as the Nation's Best Receiver in 2006. As for Benjamin, what he'll do his RS-JR season is unknown. Yet based on his potential, FSU's Kelvin Benjamin might be the next Megatron!

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